Red Axes - Pil Sagol // HVN030

Image of Red Axes - Pil Sagol // HVN030


Red Axes - Pil Sagol // HVN030

A. Todum Todum
B1. Me and Abra in Ruanda
B2. Pil Sagol

As big fans of Red Axes, we're happy to welcome Niv and Dori to the label. Their first release for Hivern is Pil Sagol, a three-track EP that features some of their most adventurous material to date.
The title track is a slice of shamanic house full of playful melodies, dripping textures and steady rhythms that result in the sonic equivalent of psychotropic trip through the jungle. “Me and Abra in Ruanda” drops the tempo but keeps the mind-expanding effect with its mangled brass sounds and ceremonious pads. “Todum Todum” is the most dance floor-driven cut of the EP, building tension through distorted toms, reverberant claps and an unrelenting bass line whilst keeping the narcotic vibe of the whole release through highly enchanting cosmic melodies.
The 12” comes in a captivating sleeve by Barcelona-based designer Xavier Marin.

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