Olde Gods Cassette


MP004 Tape // Olde Gods - Tapes (Tapas)

Release Date: April 21, 2017

Eat your cassette
Tapes (Tapas or Cassettes depending on where you read it) is a 5-track tape made of a diverse mix of edits. Just like the best appetizers, they are never enough. Calamari, Octopus, Banderilla, Sardine and Sausage or that is El Doni, El Javu, El Korg, El Black Catalan and El Acid.

Tapes find the Olde Gods ready for new action after debuting with a stylized japanese-inspired trilogy of only-vinyl EP's 7", 10" and a 12".

Tapes comes in 5 different flavors, with an extra-serving of sense of humor brought by Barcelona-based illustrator Noemí Rebull head of the illustrous and satirical outpost La Mandanga. Who has brough to live to these 5 Tapas/Tapes (Appetizers) characters.

Stream the 2 first premieres at The Ransom Note and RBMA


Side A
01 El Javu
02 El Doni

Side B
03 El Korg
04 El Acid
05 El Black Catalan

All edits by Olde Gods https://oldegods.bandcamp.com/album/tapes
Art by La Mandanga https://www.instagram.com/la_mandanga/