'No Sleep Since 2008' - 10 Years of Hivern Discs


'No Sleep Since 2008' is a publication that celebrates Hivern Discs's first 10 years by exploring ideas and concepts connected to the label's universe through essays, interviews, conversations and images. It collects pieces written by journalists who are in the label’s orbit including Philip Sherburne, Shawn Reynaldo and Franc Sayol, photos by Nacho Alegre, Pia Riverola and Lluís Tudela, amongst others, and features the participation of artists such as John Talabot, Jordi Labanda, Ivan Smagghe, Khidja, Marc Piñol, Eva Geist, Arnau Pi, Lawrence Le Doux, Xavier Marin and Alicia Carrera. It includes a 12” colored vinyl with unreleased tracks by John Talabot, Khidja, Lawrence Le Doux and Nastro. The four pieces were envisioned to serve as a soundtrack to the exhibition while at the same time representing various facets of the label’s musical character. 'No Sleep Since 2008' has been designed by Barcelona design studio Oficina de Disseny.

ISBN 978-84-09-06745-9